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Christmas Style Guide

A Champagne Christmas - the traditional setting

Christmas time is one of joy and celebration and we’re here to help you translate the merriment to your table. We suggest mixing and matching traditional Christmas patterns, like the Yuletide Napkin with our staples, such as the luxe Capiz Placemat in gold for an elegant holiday table. Like presents under the tree, wrap up the look with a napkin ring featuring gifts in Santa’s sleigh. Enjoy the holiday with friends and family, “and may your days be merry and bright”.

Gold table setting
Gold table setting detail

A Berry Merry Christmas - The Festive Setting

This year experiment with deep berry colors and traditional patterns for an inviting, festive dinner. Traditional red tones create a simple yet sophisticated backdrop, add sparkle with the Bling Placemat in gold and sprinkle in Christmas cheer with the Garland Napkin and Gem Wreath Napkin Ring. Pour the eggnog and watch as your guests join in the holiday fun!

Red Christmas table setting
Red Christmas table setting detail

A Dreamy White Christmas - The Classic Setting

“I’m dreaming of a white Christmas” table! Nothing says Christmas like a classic white table adorned with traditional greens and reds. Just like the treetops, the Yuletide and Bling Placemats glisten, contrasting beautifully with crisp, embroidered linen napkins. We’ve updated holiday classics, incorporated a deep berry twist and, of course, added a touch of sparkle. After all, ‘tis the season!

White Christmas table setting
White Christmas table setting