Inspired by the slow-moving, lush wetlands of a bayou, the collection features aquatic tones and organic materials. The Bayou Collection’s round capiz placemat is a compilation of rhombus shaped capiz shells hand-arranged in a perfectly symmetrical, mosaic pattern. Mimicking relaxed, inky waters the variations in the naturally occurring capiz shells adds an element of depth to these versatile round placemats. Pair the placemats with a linen Dip Dye Napkin in beige and taupe and complete the look with a burst of energy from the beaded Brilliant Napkin Ring. 

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As the name suggests, the beaded Regent Collection is fit for a king. Over 15 different beads, sequins and gemstones in jewel tones adorn this festive round, beaded placemat, boasting old-world charm. The luxurious linen Dip Dye Napkin in berry/plum with coordinating gold trim pairs beautifully with the organic and metallic nature of the Flare Napkin Ring. Update your home décor and entertain in style this fall season. 

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The Autumnal Collection was curated as the perfect transitional pieces from summer to fall home decor. Make use of organic materials and lush hues to mix new Fall textiles with existing round placemats. Elevate a fall inspired table with a hand-painted motif of the linen Foliage Napkin or the subtle metallic details on the linen Jardin Napkin.

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Tortoise shell has been used in design and home décor since ancient times. Inlaid tortoise veneers were popular with wealthy ancient Greeks and Romans and signified status and affluence. The round, opulent, hand-poured resin Tortoise Placemat is a pristine replica of authentic tortoise shell. Rich, fall hues of the round placemat paired with the classic embroidered linen Star Napkin and coordinating round Tortoise Drink Coasters are sure to wow!

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The Slice Collection takes a deeper look at the unknowns of life. Influenced by the ultimate building block of matter, the round Slice Placemat is an enlarged cross section of a plant cell, depicting the intricacies yet simplicity of raw nature. Mimicking the organic nature of the round placemat, the hand-attached glass beads of the beaded Spray Napkin Ring and relaxed hues of the luxurious linen Solstice Napkin create an ethereal atmosphere.

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Influenced by the refraction of light on New York City glass skyscrapers, the Metafoil Collection is evocative of sunlight striking glass. Using an innovative hand-done technique, metallic foil is printed on the round placemat creating an organic, splatter effect. Offered in silver or gold colorways, this round, metallic placemat is incredibly versatile and can be dressed up or toned down. Paired with the striking Glam Knot Napkin Ring in coordinating silver and gold, this tablescape is sure to be earth shattering.

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Art and design run deep in the Balinese culture, originating as expressions of obligation to the deities. The Bali Collection was inspired by the traditional wastra endek, a Balinese loom ikat pattern. Using a mixture of glass, raffia and plastic beads, the round beaded Bali Placemat mimics the time-honored geometric design. Pair the new harvest hue of the beaded Bali Placemat with the hand-painted linen Foliage Napkin to create a sophisticated and unique fall table. A wonderful, cultural addition to any home décor.

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This Thanksgiving take your table to the next level with the beaded autumnal Harvest Collection. The rich, berry hues of the beads and sophisticated interpretation of fall motifs sets the stage for a lively dinner with family and friends. Inspired by its name, the beaded Plume Table Runner recreates bird-like feathers using a unique combination of beads, sequins and gemstones. Add a festive touch with the Gobble Napkin ring, featuring natural plumes in the shape of a turkey. The new beautiful  cranberry color of the linen Dip Dye Napkin.

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Named for a traditional style of beading, the round, beaded Vermicelli Placement is handmade with incredible attention to detail. Customarily a rounded design, this stitch is an elevated technique and translates beautifully as home decor adornment for the table. Updated in the timeless champagne colorway, this versatile beaded placemat sets the stage for a show stopping table. Elevate the setting using the white and red embroidered linen Jardin Napkin. 

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Add a glow to the holiday table with the festive beaded Abstract Collection. Inspired by twinkling lights, the round, beaded Abstract Placemat features glass bugle beads cut in a variety of lengths and angles creating facets that radiate light. This festive table is sure sparkle and shine.

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Inspired by the unique and complex shape of a snowflake, the aptly named beaded collection is reminiscent of a winter wonderland! Geometric shapes, created from an array of dazzling beads, form an interlacing snowflake pattern on this intricate beaded Snowflake Table Runner. For a glamorous update on a winter white setting, layer metallic textiles like the linen Metafoil Napkin with luxurious materials such as the silver beaded Snowflake Napkin Ring.

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Whether you are dining in a mountain chalet or embracing the farmhouse chic style anywhere, our Woodland placemats are the perfect addition to the table. Beautifully crafted, these wooden placemats are made to look like wood slices, the perfect canvas to play up the festive holiday cheer. Embellish the rustic refinery by adding the Dasher Napkin Ring to the linen Holiday Bough Napkin.

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A fun and cheery take on Christmas home decor, this collection features holiday staples with a ribbon candy-like tree and a Nutcracker-inspired Napkin Rings. Take a trip down memory lane with this nostalgia-inspiring motif and classic red and green palette.

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