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Red, White & Blue

The unofficial start of summer is Memorial Day and with it come barbecues, street fairs and celebrating the glorious outdoors. This is followed by fireworks, clambakes and the red, white and blue of the Fourth of July. In between are a steady stream of lunches and picnics, hamburgers and rosé, polo matches and summer soirees—Let’s celebrate!

Tangle Placemats
$23 set of 12

Horizon Napkin
$35 each

Shagreen Placemat
$37 each

Seersucker Ribbon Napkin
$21 each

Reef Napkin Rings
$112 set of 4

Bandana Napkin
$20 each

Jelly Bead Napkin Ring
$16 each

Marrakech Napkin
$24 each

Nothing should ever be too precious when you are entertaining outdoors, especially if you have planned a picnic or a lunch on the beach. Why spend your time worrying about spillage or your precious china breaking when you can be having fun and burying your feet in the sand. For that we introduce our collection of pieces that can easily be wiped clean or rinsed off—Less worrying, more entertaining!


Fiesta Napkin Ring
$15 each

Arabesque Runner

Bateau Napkin
$16 each

Bistro Placemat
$28 each

Blossom Napkin Rings
$106 set of 4

Jaipur Napkin
$35 each

Provence Placemat
$28 each

Sunburst Napkin Ring
$23 each

Flare Napkin Ring
$39 each

Round Bamboo Placemat
$21 each

Constellation Napkin Ring
$28 each

Provence Napkin
$21 each

National pride isn’t always about flags and the stars and stripes. Put a twist on Fourth of July parties by going the nautical route. Blues and whites with a dash of red make for a great summer time party motif. All aboard!

Confetti Placemat
$60 each

Starfish Napkin
$23 each

Confetti Placemat
$60 each

Inside Out Napkin
$23 each


Ombre Runner

Carnival Napkin Ring
$16 each

Quill Napkin Ring
$29 each

Ombre Placemats
$55 set of 4

Congo Napkin
$19 each

Tree Peony Napkin Rings
$156 set of 4

Souk Napkin
$30 each

Fiesta Placemat
$28 each

At Kim Seybert we are always experimenting with fun and creative ways on how to fold a napkin. Our latest video shows you to create a knot. An easy flourish that’s all about casual entertaining.

Spider Bead Burst Napkin Ring
$14 each

Fiesta Placemat
$28 each