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Spring Fling

It’s finally spring! Time to head outdoors and enjoy the change of the season and the flowers in bloom. Bring your tables out and throw a party or a simple picnic. Take your cue from the colors of the many blossoming flowers and add multi-colored hues to your settings.

Provence Placemat
$28 each

Bazaar Napkin
$30 each

Overlapped Leaves Runner

Provence Placemat
$28 each

Quill Napkin Ring
$29 each

Jengaa Placemat
$21 each

Shagreen Placemat
$37 each

Carnival Napkin Ring
$16 each

Just because you’re entertaining outdoors doesn’t mean that you can’t inject formality to the occasion. A dressed-up outdoor dinner under a cloud of fairy highlights paired with our Silk Road Collection pieces will make for a truly enchanted evening.


Rio Napkin Ring
$12 each

Silk Road Napkin Rings
$137 set of 4

Spectrum Napkin
$35 each

Silk Road Placemat
$156 each

Capiz Placemat
$81 each

Confetti Placemat
$60 each

Frost Napkin Ring
$16 each

Carnival Napkin
$28 each

An al fresco lunch calls for a more relaxed atmosphere. So add some luxe bohemian flair to your setting and transport your guests to some exotic isle.

Far East Napkin
$20 each

Jinxed Coasters
$98 set of 4

Tulum Napkin Ring
$26 each

Ombre Placemats
$55 set of 4


Flamingo Napkin Ring
$12 each

Jaipur Napkin
$35 each

Luxor Placemat
$105 each

Toucan Napkin Ring
$12 each

Fiesta Placemat
$28 each

Luxor Runner

Ombre Capiz Placemat
$81 each

Fiesta Napkin Ring
$15 each

The Napkin Roll Fold

Stumped on how to add a festive flair to your table? Watch our napkin folding tutorial and it may just inspire you to add more color and life to your setting.

What’s a party without drinks and cocktails?
Our new tray is just perfect for showing off your latest concoction.


Burma Tray 18x13

Otomi Cocktail Napkins
$63 set of 6

Burma Tray 18x24

Spectrum Cocktail Napkins
$93 set of 6