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Tie The Knot

Wedding gown

Whether you’re planning your wedding yourself or have enlisted the help of an event planner, having a detailed checklist will help ease the process of throwing what will probably be the biggest bash you’ll ever host.

Reversible Sequin Placemat
$30 each

Marrakech Napkin
$30 each

Flare Napkin Ring
$39 each

Capiz Placemat
$81 each

Bauble Napkin Ring
$23 each

Frieze Runner

Rock Crystal Napkin Rings
$220 set of 4

Brilliant Placemat
$81 each

Inspired by the embroidery and beadwork on wedding gowns and veils, our Tapestry collection has bride written all over it. Use the Tapestry placemat with its white couture bead application as a base for a tonal place setting topped off by the delicate eyelet detail of our Tapestry napkin—folded into our bone china Tree Peony napkin rings.


Tapestry Placemat
$105 each

Tree Peony Napkin Rings
$156 set of 4

Brilliant Napkin Ring
$26 each

Tapestry Napkin
$30 each

Tundra Runner

Dart Placemat
$28 each

Metallic Linen Napkin
$32 each

Ceramic Flower Napkin Rings
$86 set of 4

Herringbone Napkin
$30 each

Constellation Napkin Ring
$28 each

Drift Napkin
$18 each

Confetti Placemat
$65 each

Fez Placemat
$55 each

Ritz Napkin
$33 each

Persia Runner

Patina Placemat
$84 each

The most successful tables are those that are layered, letting the eye wander from piece to piece. Excite guests by adding texture through the use of a charger—think of them as wonderful backdrops for the feast ahead! Be sure to choose chargers that are conversational with unexpected whimsy!

Laurel Charger
$135 each

Sahara Charger
$84 each

Molten Charger
$74 each

Sahara Charger
$84 each


Pearl Napkin Ring
$16 each

Nomad Napkin
$45 each

Brocade Border Napkin
$37 each

Imperial Placemat
$105 each

Jackson Placemat
$90 each

Distressed Double Runner

Crystal Dome Napkin Ring
$21 each

Tangier Napkin
$30 each

Add a touch of symbolism: the swirling duality of a helix is realized in metal via our Helix Flatware. The intertwining motif echoes the wedding euphemism of tying the knot. Our Helix glassware looks like it has been dipped in patinated gold, creating a dégradé—the perfect dose of glamour for your special day.


Helix Place Setting in Gold

Helix Gold Collection

Helix Place Setting in Silver

Helix Silver Collection

The Layered Fold

Stumped on how to add a festive flair to your table? Watch our napkin folding tutorial and it may just inspire you to add more color and life to your setting.

to the happy couple...

Whether they are a modern, classic, bohemian or glamorous couple, we are confident they will send you a swooning thank you note after they have opened your gift from our edited selection.

Paillette Decanter

Zebra Tray 18" x 13"

Chinoiserie Spoon Straws
$140 set of 6

Faceted Cheese Spreaders
$93 set of 6

Reversible Sequin Coasters
$40 set of 6

Paillette Pitcher

Blossom Napkin Rings
$106 set of 4

Vague Pitcher