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FALL 2019

Fall 2019 Collections
Fall 2019 Collections


The Solstice Placemat was inspired by the way light reflects on an antique mirror. The organic yet steady shadows cast are translated onto the metallic placemat, mimicking the reflective quality of a mirror.


Lauded as one of the finest and most valuable leathers, Crocodile oozes luxury and elegance. Our Croco Collection, a faux take on croc hide, draws on the rarity and level of craftsmanship associated with fashioning the skins.


Named for a traditional style of beading, the Vermicelli Placement is handmade with incredible attention to detail. Customarily a rounded design, this stitch is an elevated technique.


The serene nature of a smooth, flawless pebble inspired the luxurious surface of the Pebble Placemats. The gold and silver tones add an understated richness to the textured placemats.


Pearls are one of nature’s greatest miracles and traditionally celebrated for their uniformity in size and color. Influenced by the classic beauty of a strand of pearls, the Pearl Placemats reflect a timeless elegance.


The Spoke Placemat is the perfect blending of clean, refined lines and natural, organic elements. An evident ode to autumn, this flora inspired collection features delicate hand cut and polished bamboo slats.


The intricately hand-beaded Pave Placemat mimics its namesake. The unique, metallic, oval-shaped beads are woven tightly like the pave setting of a diamond eternity band.


A fresh take on the Moorish quatrefoil, the Jaal Placemat is equally as intricate as the process used to make it. Each delicate capiz shell is hand cut into a clover-like shape, individually dyed and meticulously inlaid.


Taking a page out of Jay Gatsby’s book, the Bling Placemats in Gold and Silver radiate glamor and opulence evocative of the roaring twenties. Glistening rhinestones are mixed together to create a strikingly bold focal point.


This placemat is “bejeweled” not only in intricate hand-sewn pattern but with the addition of gems meandering through the clustered beads. The lavish border is a welcomed re-fresh to a more traditional motif.


Petrified wood is thought to have spiritual properties and its organic energy can almost be felt in this collection — the meticulous detailing allows the pieces to appear as if they are century-old fossilized wood.


This collection exemplifies the natural, organic shape of a fossil. Mimicking the extraordinary conditions necessary for fossilization, this collection adds a level of depth to any table setting.


Whether you tend towards a classic holiday table or experiment with unexpected colors and materials, our Holiday Collection won’t disappoint. We’ve updated holiday staples and added a touch of sparkle.


A fresh take on vintage, this collection features a Christmas staple with updated Yuletide patterns. Take a trip down memory lane with this nostalgia-inspiring motif and classic red and green palette.


Whether you are dining in a mountain chalet or embracing the farmhouse chic style, our Woodland placemats are the perfect addition to the table. These placemats are the perfect canvas to play up the festive holiday cheer.