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Spring 2020 collections


An effortless transition to spring, the Bouquet Placemat plays with fresh tones to welcome the changing of seasons. The extraordinary treatment of sequins and beading creates a colorful, floral landscape.


Recognized for calming tendencies, the muted hues of periwinkle evoke feelings of serenity and peacefulness. Like its namesake flower, periwinkle is a constant in springtime décor working well with bold and neutral tones.


A softer take on the scalloped design motif found on traditional china dinnerware, the Camellia Collection features hand dyed Capiz shells in a muted blush. Each naturally occurring shell absorbs the dye differently allowing for stunning color variation.


Tahiti, French Polynesia’s largest and most diverse island, is known for its tranquil ocean waters and host of serene lagoons. Evocative of this soothing atmosphere, the Tahiti Collection features natural materials arranged in a fluid style.


Inspired by the coastal seashore, the textural elements of the Bianco Placemat mimic that of elusive rocky cliffs. The intricate combination of white beads creates a clean, visual experience.


Nothing says spring like a picturesque picnic in the garden, a quiet lunch in lush greenery surrounded by vibrant pops of color. The Jardin Collection transports the garden to your table.


Agate, a compilation of minute rock crystals and quartz, is regarded for its healing and restorative properties. The Agate Placemat is modeled after a slab of Agate found in Sicily, where the crystal was first discovered.


Bring the beach home with the Isle Collection. A vibrant take on turquoise and coral, the Isle Placemat exudes a glamorous energy. Chipped beads and rhinestones adorn these placemats, adding a depth to traditional beading.


Inspired by the white capped waves of the ocean, the Isla Runner uses fluid curves and intricate beading to achieve this nautical theme. Delicate aqua beads form a graceful wave which is interrupted by an assortment of white shells and chipped beads creating a striking contrast.


Sun-bleached houses and striped awnings line the beaches of the Amalfi Coast. Famed for its natural beauty, the region also sets the standard for luxury. The Linea Collection incorporates both natural beauty and lavishness using exceptional linen and an intricate hand crochet technique.


The blending of clean, refined lines and natural, organic elements is a constant in Asian design. The geometric pattern of the painted, hand-cut bamboo slats is a nod to the Eastern world.


Traditional Bogolan, a hand dyed cotton cloth, is worn in Malian culture as ritual protection and a symbol of elevated status. The Mali Runner is a spin on this intricate cotton weaving and dying process.


Art and design run deep in the Balinese culture, originating as expressions of obligation to the deities. Using a mixture of glass, raffia and plastic beads, the Bali Placemat mimics the time-honored wastra endek, a Balinese loom ikat pattern.


Luna, the divine embodiment of the moon, is a mysterious and mystical being. The translucent qualities of the Luna Collection it a tribute to the elusive goddess. The Luna Placemat resembles a prism, creating an everchanging rainbow reflection.


The Capri Placemats are inspired by the laid-back approach to coastal living. A take on woven raffia, these placemats are incredibly versatile and easy to clean. The basic colorways, white, natural and navy, set the stage for any event.


The Boho Collection speaks to an uninhibited philosophy, mixing organic textiles and bold vibrant colors. River grass is hand woven and stitched together in a basket-weaving manner to create the Boho Placemat.


As the name suggests, the Shibori Collection is a take on the Japanese “wring, squeeze, press” style of resist dying. Fabric is folded, crumpled, stitched and twisted before being dyed to create a three-dimensional motif.


Basic means bold not boring! These reversible Viper Placemats in faux snakeskin will surely bring a vibrant spirit to any party, especially with their lively colors. Alternate colors with each place setting for a whimsical approach.


While galaxies like the Milky Way provided the starting point for this placemat, it also references the current fascination for all things marbleized. This setting will make for a great addition to your modern style dinner party table.


This flora inspired Belize Placemat is suggestive of medicinal leaves found in Central America. Complex glass and acrylic beading using different shades of green add incredible texture and detail.


Whether you are dining al fresco or embracing the farmhouse chic style anywhere, our Woodland placemats are the perfect addition to a springtime table. Beautifully crafted, these placemats are made to look like wood slices, the perfect canvas to explore a nature-inspired floral tablescape.