It’s Time To Prepare for Memorial Day, An Unforgettable Tablescape

It’s Time To Prepare for Memorial Day, An Unforgettable Tablescape

Embrace the red, white & blue and dress your Memorial Day table in showstopping style.

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The Importance of Memorial Day

Memorial Day Table with Sprinkles Placemat, Filament Napkin, and Sea Stone Napkin Ring

Memorial Day stands as the most significant federal holiday in United States history. Commemorating the courageous men and women who sacrificed their lives in service to the U.S. military, this holiday not only pays homage to the fallen but also serves as a central component of springtime festivities and community gatherings. Families unite to partake in parades and entertainment, holding barbecues, picnics, and hosting outdoor beach cookouts.

Memorial Day Decoration Ideas: How to Set the Mood

Memorial Day Table with Infinity Placemat, Jardin Napkin, and Amalfi Napkin Ring

For this year's Memorial Day celebration, focus on table decorations that are red, blue, and white in color. Start your table setting with our gorgeous beaded Infinity Placemat and begin to incorporate hues of red and blue through flowers, candles, or your tablecloth of choice. Keep your choice of napkin classy and patriotic with our Jardin Napkin and complete the look with the our coral Amalfi Napkin Ring to incorporate an aquatic spin to your table, perfect for a party by the waterfront.

Tips for Creating a Memorable Memorial Day Table Setting

Egyptian glassware, including both Candle Holders and Vases in the color blue

Craft a stunning bouquet for your table centerpiece using an array of red poppies, white lilies, roses, and carnations. Elevate your floral arrangement by pairing it with the Trumpet Vase and Blossom Egyptian glass and placing them at the center of your table. Add variety and height with the addition of the Iris Candle Holder. Complete your ensemble with either a simple white linen Seersucker tablecloth or the vibrant blue Fez tablecloth for a more colorful alternative. Lastly, sprinkle small flags across your table to accentuate the Memorial Day theme.

What Can You Place on a Table for Decorations for Memorial Day?

Memorial Day Blue and White Table, with our Fez Tablecloth, Dip Dye Napkin, and Sea Stone Napkin Ring

In addition to stunning tablecloths and decorations, incorporate symbolic items that reflect the significance of the holiday to enrich your remembrance. Star-shaped confetti, florals, and miniature flags are some ideas to elevate your table decorations. Another perfect suggestion is to include banners, balloons, and tableware that integrate shades of red and blue, enhancing the overall decor.

Making the Most of Your Memorial Day Preparations

Plan your decorations in advance to craft the most visually appealing table setting and ensure a memorable time with friends and family. Consider every detail, contemplate what complements our stunning placemats – with the Infinity, Sprinkles, and Round Bamboo placemats ranking among our top recommendations. Remember to consider the perfect pairing, whether to match our Dip Dye and Filament Napkins with the Sea Stone or Java Napkin Ring. Consider and choose between plenty of alternatives that could elevate your table. Spend the day expressing gratitude and remembrance throughout your celebrations and celebrations with loved ones.

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