Mother’s Day Table Décor

Mother’s Day Table Decor Ideas

Mother’s Day Table Decor Ideas to Bring Mom to Cloud Nine
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Mother’s Day Table Décor Ideas

For this year’s Mother’s Day luncheon, bring the celebration outdoors and lift mom to cloud nine with a table setting in soft blues and pretty pastels. Build the layers starting with a seersucker tablecloth then add our easy-care acrylic Cloud Placemat. Use plates in pastel tones with floral touches. For napkins, keep it simple like a white linen with embroidered edging such as our Arches Napkin and finish it off with a beautiful flourish via the periwinkle-hued Gardenia Napkin Ring. Mom’s heart will be in high spirits when she sees the table. 

Mother’s Day Table Centerpieces


Make your Mother’s Day table a true showstopper with bountiful bouquets of fresh flowers. Small arrangements of peonies, tulips and roses in similar tones arrange in our colored glass bud vases from Egypt such as the Scallop and Trumpet in petal tones placed along the length of the table will make a dramatic visual impact. Then add height and architecture with the injection of our colored glass candle holders such as the Ripple and Braid. Lastly, use candles that are out of the ordinary.

A Special Mother’s Day Table Setting

Make it super pretty and extra special for mom this Mother’s Day. Set the table and surprise her with a beautiful spread. To do that start with an explosion of flowers via our Mira Tablecloth, the perfect foundation for a pretty table setting. It is a tablecloth that looks like a garden and something mom would truly love. Then add the pristine white Round Bamboo Placemat. Punctuate the table décor with the dainty Cosmos Napkin Ring and the classic Jardin Napkin with delicate pink embroidery.

Create A Stunning Mother’s Table Setting


Now that the plates are set and napkins are folded, it’s time to add the other elements to make this Mother’s Day celebration truly memorable. You will need a beautiful centerpiece of course and what better way to do that than with a profusion of spring blooms arranged in small groupings in our colored bud vases like the Tess. Then add colored candleholders in varying heights and colors, mixing the Iris and Bella candleholders. Finally, the glassware. You can mix and match various colored glassware for a more or is more approach. Or you can stick to a singular color. A pastel color glassware like the Ophelia in Blush or Lavender will be great for raising a toast to Mom.

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