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Table Runner Decor | Ideas, Styles & How-Tos for Every Occasion

Creative ways to decorate with table runners. From rustic burlap to elegant linen, get inspired!

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Guide to Decorating With Table Runners

In the world of dining and entertaining, you will discover unlimited styling opportunities after learning how to decorate your table runner. As a versatile and transformative design element, the table runner creates the canvas for your table setting. Whether you aim to add a splash of color, a touch of sophistication, or a thematic accent, you might be surprised to see how an exceptional table runner can make all the difference. Available in various styles, from fanciful florals to marvelous metallics, our table runners offer endless possibilities to enhance every home and your ultimate aesthetic.

How to Choose the Right Table Runner

A Matter of Material and Texture

The materials of your table runner play a pivotal role in determining its suitability for different occasions and decor styles. Here are a few of the benefits of our core offerings:

  • Cotton table runners: This classic material is perfect for casual settings and everyday occasions with its relaxed and natural look. Despite its fine qualities, it can also be machine washed without too much attention for a quick clean up.

  • Linen table runners: Known for strength, durability, and unique texture, this material only gets softer and more comfortable with time. With this organic look, you can transition between casual and formal dining.

  • Silk table runners: You might find silk table runners ideal for formal gatherings since these sumptuous fabrics add a luxurious touch to your dining table. Do not forget to consider the texture since smooth silk runners exude elegance, while a textured linen runner adds a rustic charm for country cottage chic.

Discover Your Aesthetic

Your choice of table runner should complement your existing tableware and dining room decor. Here are some style guidelines:

  • Flourishing Florals: Perfect for the countryside and traditional styles, our floral runners bring a burst of color and life to your table. While you are searching to brighten up your space or add a touch of nature indoors.

  • Beach Chic: Ideal for homes with a nautical theme or those near the beach, coastal runners evoke a sense of calm and relaxation. Look for patterns featuring seashells, waves, or ocean hues to create a serene atmosphere. The Coral Spray Runner is the perfect nautical beachy runner for a waterfront party. Its vibrant colors and coral pattern can be paired with other sea-inspired pieces from our collection to create the perfect coastal tablescape. 

  • Modern Metallics: Our beaded and metallic runners combine glamor with a contemporary edge for modern and sophisticated settings. Our table runners create state-of-the-art spaces by bringing unique undertones and elegance to your dining experience. The Illusion Runner in Midnight & Silver is the perfect modern metallic runner for any elegant and luxurious dinner parties. Its abstract spiral design makes for the perfect centerpiece and will look best with our Egyptian glassware.

Strike a Balance Between Size and Fit

While selecting a table runner, you should plan for the appropriate size. A decorative runner should generally fall over the table edges by about 6 to 12 inches per side. This overhang will frame the table, look more proportional, and amplify the visual appeal. Measure your table beforehand to create this graceful drape without overwhelming the space.

Styling Tips for Table Runners

Find Your Center

A perfectly aligned table runner creates a tidy and harmonious look. Aim to keep the runner in the middle of the table, with equal lengths hanging over each side. This stylistic symmetry enhances the overall aesthetic of any tablescape.

Layer on Layers

Pairing your table runners with a tablecloth can add depth and texture to your table decor. Choose a tablecloth in a complementary pattern and place the contrasting runner on top. This technique adds visual interest and allows dynamic play between textures and colors for an engaging table setting.

Always Accessorize

The right accessories will refine the overall look of a table runner. Our collections offer candle holders, vases, and placemats that can complement every design. With our floral table runners, you can opt for accents in vibrant coordinating colors. Our coastal runners pair well with driftwood accents or seashell placemats. Finally, the metallic runners shine brightest with sleek, modern decor pieces.

For a glamorous and elegant look, we recommend pairing the Etoile Runner in Champagne & Crystal with the Ripple Candle Holder. To create extra depth, add a couple of the Scallop Bud Vases throughout the table for more variation. Use white and yellow-toned flowers to complement the vases.

For a floral-themed table, use the Gardenia Runner and purchase its complementary Gardenia Placemat. Together, these two make the perfect floral pastel landscape that'll go well with most of our gold and silver napkins and napkin rings. Additionally, using the Fringe Tablecloth in White & Gold is the perfect finishing touch that brings the table together.

The Most Creative Uses for Table Runners

Defining Outlines

Instead of the traditional lengthwise placement, try placing runners across the table to define individual dining spaces. This technique is ideal for long tables, creating designated spots for each guest and adding a unique visual element to your dining setup.

The Great Outdoors

Remember that table runners are for more than indoors. They can add elegance to dining al fresco, from daytime picnics to evening extravaganzas. Choose durable materials that can withstand the elements, and opt for bright, cheerful patterns that match the natural surroundings. The Belize Table Runner is a perfect addition for an outdoor gathering - its organic shape, floral design, and bright color palette are perfect for the occasion. Inspired by the jungle, it will not only act as a centerpiece for the table but also connect you with beauty of nature.

Rotate Your Furniture

Think beyond the dining table. Table runners can also decorate coffee tables, sideboards, or dressers. A well-chosen runner can add a touch of elegance and continuity to these pieces to make a seamless style experience throughout your home.

Table Runner Décor Ideas for All Seasons

Spring and Summer

Bring refreshing styles for the warmer months. Choose light, crisp, airy fabrics like organza or chiffon that reflect the beauty of nature and your dining atmosphere. Whether it is a botanical print or leaf motif, we love to pair blossoming prints with fresh flowers to create cheerful and inviting tablescapes. Gorgeous table runners like the Hydrangea in Multi and the Dahlia in Sorbet embody the definition of a floral summer. Their pastel multicolored palette, along with their fresh beaded design, pairs well for a summer tablescape.

Fall and Winter

As the weather turns cooler, it is time for table runners with rich fabrics full of texture. Paired with deep-colored tableware and seasonal decor like pinecones or holly berries, you will be ready for festive fall and cozy winter gatherings.

Table Runner Maintenance and Care Tips

Effective Cleaning Techniques

Ensure your table runners stay in top condition by following appropriate cleaning methods. Always check the care label first, but cotton and linen runners are generally machine washable. However, we suggest dry cleaning or gentle hand washing for more delicate materials like silk and specialty runners.

Essential Storage Strategies

You can usually prevent damage and creases in your table runners with the proper storage. Roll them around a cardboard tube to avoid folds, or use clip hangers to store them in a closet. Always keep them in a cool, dry place to protect them from humidity and dust, ensuring they remain pristine for years.

Frequently Asked Questions

What else can you use table runners for?

You can take table runners beyond the dining table setting. These designs can add elegance to wedding altars, festive charm to holiday fireplace mantels, and sophistication to corporate event registration tables. In outdoor settings, these pieces are delightful accents to your picnic tables and garden party buffets. At home, we also use table runners to decorate entryway tables, bookshelves, coffee tables, and more.

Are table runners still fashionable?

Of course, our table runners are bestsellers and remain a fashionable choice for traditional and modern décor in many of the finest homes. These table runners stay on trend due to the versatility that allows them to seamlessly blend with all sorts of interior styles, whether you're aiming for a classic, elegant look or a sleek, contemporary vibe. Table runners also add layers of timeless sophistication and offer easy ways to update your space constantly with seasonal trends and color schemes.

Do you use placemats with a table runner?

We often incorporate placemats to complement table runners. Not only does a placemat create additional texture and color for the table design, but it also helps protect your table from spills and scratches. 

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