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Kim Seybert Luxury Sea Stone Napkin Ring in Beige
Kim Seybert Luxury Florette Napkin Ring in Brown
Kim Seybert Luxury Rattan Link Napkin Ring in Natural
Kim Seybert Luxury Seashell Burst Napkin Ring in Ivory & Natural
Kim Seybert Luxury Coral Spray Napkin Ring in White & Natural
Kim Seybert Luxury Shell Fringe Napkin Ring in Ivory & Brown
Kim Seybert Luxury Reed Napkin Ring in Natural & White
Kim Seybert Luxury Java Napkin Ring in Natural & Brown
Kim Seybert Luxury Hop Napkin Ring in Natural & Green
Kim Seybert Luxury Playa Napkin Ring in Natural
Kim Seybert Luxury Ruffle Napkin Ring in Natural
Kim Seybert Luxury Tahiti Napkin Ring in Natural
Kim Seybert Luxury Pavilion Napkin Ring in Brown & Gold
Twist Napkin Ring in Brown & Gold, Set of 4

Kim Seybert is the luxury tabletop destination and the leading authority when it comes to creating beautiful table settings. We have an extensive selection of luxury napkin rings for every occasion. Whether you are looking for something beaded and formal or something casual and crafted from wood or shell, there’s plenty to choose from within our collections. We have charming and whimsical napkin rings that look like jewelry, butterflies and bees, birds in flight, and various flowers, as well as seasonal motifs to help you celebrate holidays like Easter, Thanksgiving and Christmas with a playful touch. Explore our napkin rings and have fun creating folds by mixing and matching them with our extensive table napkin collection.