Beaded Arbor Placemat whose design was inspired by Victorian greenhouses
Beaded Arbor Placemat with a blue-green ombre napkin  held by a butterfly napkin ring, placed on the side
Green and blue beaded Arbor Placemat underneath a plate and napkin of the same colors
Beaded Arbor Placemat underneath a blue-green plate and a white napkin held by a bird napkin ring
Table setting in hues of green and light blue featuring Arbor Placemats,  napkins with golden napkin rings, and a floral centerpiece

Kim Seybert

Arbor Placemat in Multi, Set of 2

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PRE-ORDER: Estimated ship date Jan 05, 2024

Hand-folded sequins. Exquisite glass and acrylic beads. These materials come together to create the signature three-dimensional effect of the Arbor Placemat. The design of the beaded placemat was inspired by the romantic beauty of abandoned Victorian greenhouses. The detailing and perfectly complementary hues of gold, light blue, and green make this placemat a standout on any dining table.



COLOR: Multi

DIMENSIONS: 15.25” Length x 16.25” Width x 0.25” Height

WEIGHT: 1.2 lbs

MATERIALS: 65% Glass Beads, 35% Plastic Bead on 100% Cotton Backing

We have designed our placemats for your enjoyment.  By following the care instructions, we believe you will cherish your purchase for a long time.

  • Shake off crumbs and brush off food residue with a soft toothbrush. 
  •  Use a mild cleanser if necessary. Air dry completely before storing. Beads and paillettes could melt with high heat. 
  • Do not use as a trivet. Do not place hot dishes, cookware, or utensils. 
  •  Cotton backing can be cleaned with a soft toothbrush with mild cleanser and ironed on low heat.
  • Treat them gently and avoid stacking.
  • Beads, sequins, and other embellishments may break or fall off your item even with gentle use. We include replacement beads with most of our beaded items for you or your seamstress to use in case a repair is needed.

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