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The Art of Dinner Placemats: A Guide For Unforgettable Parties

Everything you need to know about luxury dinner placemats with versatile, artistic craftsmanship, and vibrant designs for every style aesthetic. 

A Fresh Perspective on Placemats

Elegant Summer Outdoor Table Decor
Doesn't an empty table fill you with wishes for ways to add delightful details and charm to the open space? The missing catch-all piece is often placemats that can level up your every day or next chic event. As a pioneering visionary who transformed tablescape design, Kim Seybert has perfected the functionality and design of placemats, which incorporate luxurious glass beads, sustainable raffia, easy-care acrylic, and more magnificent materials. These fashionable features bring more than protection to your table by creating a stunning scheme for dynamic dining scenes. Whether you're planning an intimate family dinner or a festive gathering, Kim Seybert placemats promise to captivate guests at many table settings.

Elevating Your Experience with Dinner Placemats

Coastal Chic Table Decor For Summer Entertaining

Your dinner placemats play a crucial role in setting the tone for memorable dining experiences by transforming ordinary meals into elegant affairs. Whether you're hosting an alfresco gala, a festive holiday gathering, or a casual family meal, the suitable placemats can enhance the overall atmosphere of your table. Kim Seybert offers various styles and designs of luxury dinner placemats, perfect for any occasion. From intricate beadwork for formal events to natural materials for outdoor celebrations, these placemats add sophistication and flair. In this go-to guide, you will learn how to choose placemats that ensure each dining experience is unique, stylish, and unforgettable.

The Multi-Faceted Placemat

Elegant Garden Party Table Designs and Settings
When creating that delicate balance between placemats that are too casual or too formal, Kim Seybert features a spectrum of styles that evoke casual elegance or sophisticated extravagance. Whether it's vibrant and whimsical placemats like the Arbor Placemat in Multi or more casual options like the Round Bamboo Placemat, there are endless possibilities to enhance the simplest meals and transform them into lavish affairs.

Versatile Uses for Dinner Placemats

Kim Seybert, Inc.Palmera Charger in Gold, Set of 4Placemats

  • Bar Placemats: Bar design is essential as an entry to your dining and entertaining decor. Since bar surfaces often deal with spills and stains, it's surprising how people can easily overlook this focal point of style. With options like the Marquis Placemat, Kim Seybert presents sophisticated solutions that set the tone for carefree, chic entertaining. Consider modern geometric patterns or nature-inspired motifs such as the Tropicana Placemat that pair easily with drink coasters to highlight your home with the the latest trends.

  • Luncheon Placemats: When you are hosting a luncheon, this is a ripe opportunity to showcase your unique aesthetic for sparkling conversation starters. A classic tip is incorporating designs inspired by your favorite travel destinations for worldly charm, such as adding hand-painted Moroccan motifs or intricate Indian textiles. 


  • Table Placemats: Kim Seybert offers luxurious table placemats showcasing impeccable quality and innovative designs that fit all occasions. For elegant dinners, choose styles with delicate muted tones in luxurious materials like glass beads and silk to create an intimate atmosphere. You can brighten any brunch with cheerful, colorful designs incorporating durable, easy-to-clean materials. When planning a chic cocktail party, Kim Seyber offers sleek and cutting-edge patterns and high-gloss finishes for a contemporary flair like the Croco Placemat. Any holiday celebration can only be complete with festive elements like the sparkling metallic accents in the Etoile Placemat that captures the season's spirit. Kim Seybert's exquisite collections transform every dining setting into a stylish and memorable experience. 

Matching Placemat Materials With Surfaces

Summer Outdoor Tablecapes by Kim Seybert

While it's easy to focus on the overall beauty of your tablescape, you'll also want to choose placemats that provide ample protection for the longevity of your table. Each surface has unique needs, ranging from wood, glass, marble, and more. With expert knowledge of these materials, Kim Seybert designed an extensive range of placemats targeted for each type of table. For instance, you want to choose raffia placemats to protect and complement wooden tables similar to the Portofino Placemat. If you have a glass table, select one of the glass-beaded placemat designs that add luxury without slipping on the surface, such as the Oasis Placemat. For marble surfaces, placemats made from non-abrasive materials like fabric, or acrylic are ideal for protection against scratches and stains. From a stylistic standpoint, these materials also complement the natural essence of marble by enhancing its reflective quality and luxurious appearance.

How to Style Placemats with Dinnerware

Purple and Blue Summer Table Placemats and Tablecloth

The right tableware can complete your proper table setting. Kim Seybert's extensive collection includes tableware sets in various colors and patterns that effortlessly and endlessly match your placemats and current styles. You can create a stunning presentation by using layering techniques and themed settings.

  1.  Start with a foundational layer and the base placemat that sets the tone for your table. For example, the pearlescent finish of the Infinity Placemat creates a luxurious foundation. Due to its elegant simplicity, this placemat complements both minimalist and ornate tableware.

  2. Add the accent layer with a charger plate on top of the placemat. Choose a metallic or mirrored charger to reflect light and enhance the placemat's design. For instance, pair the Nautilus Placemat with a gold charger to amplify the sunburst in the shell's pattern.

  3. Next, you can complete the layered look with a coordinating napkin and a decorative napkin ring. A solid-colored napkin with a beaded or jeweled napkin ring, such as those in Kim Seybert's collection, can add a touch of elegance without overwhelming the placemat's design.

  4. Finally, you should select dinnerware that complements the placemat's colors and textures. Choose plates with subtle patterns or solid colors that enhance the placemat's design without clashing for a seamless look.

The Handcrafted Elegance of Dinner Placemats

Blue and White Table Setting for Summer Dining

Imagine your dining table is ready with proper placemats adorned like authentic works of art, where each element is a testament to exquisite craftsmanship. While many mass-produced placemats miss these artistic aspects, Kim Seybert offers handcrafted placemats that capture the meticulous methods that add sophistication and personal flair to your dining experience. As an innovator dedicated to artisanal techniques, Kim Seybert offers placemats with intricate and authentic designs discovered throughout her constant travels, such as traditional beadwork from India, Moroccan tile patterns, and the vibrant embroidery styles of Central America.

Final Thoughts on Dinner Placemats

Fine Dining and Entertaining Table Decor by Kim Seybert

Ready to elevate your table settings? Explore Kim Seybert placemats and other table decor items on the website or at select retailers. Discover the unique benefits and elegant designs that will transform your dining experience. Visit the Kim Seybert website
 to make your table shine with refined placemats, dinnerware, and more.


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